The Magic Number of Mats for Cricut Users

When I first purchased my Cricut, I thought the one mat included in the machine would be enough, but it wasn’t. When I was making multiples of a project, having one mat slowed me down. The standard grip mat was too strong for some of the materials I was working with, but not strong enough for others.

Generally, two Green standard Grip Mats are enough to get started with Cricut Explore. Cricut Maker users should get 4 mats (one light grip, one standard grip, one Fabric, Grip, and One Strong Grip). The Cricut Maker can cut over 300 materials so having one of each Mat will allow you to experiment with different materials.

Can I use my Cricut without a Mat?

You can use the new Cricut Explore 3, Cricut Maker 3, and Cricut Joy without a Mat, but only with special Smart Material from Cricut. As of now, the Smart Material is only available in Vinyl or sticker paper. For All other materials, you will need a Mat.

Smart Material is available on the Cricut Website as well as Amazon.

Why do I need more than one Mat for Cricut

Well, technicall you only need one mat to work with a Cricut, but if you want to work on a variety of materials, you will need Mats with different strengths of adhesives. Having multiple mats speeds up the crafting process, It takes some time to set up and removes projects from cutting mats.

Using too Strong of a Mat with Cricut leaves the Material Stuck on the Mat

Having multiple mats, even of the same strength, allows you to prepare for the next project while your current project is cutting.

What Sizes are Cricut Mats?

Cricut cutting mats come in 5 different sizes. There are two different sizes of mats available for the Cricut Explore and Maker Machines and 3 Different sized Mats available for Cricut Joy machines. The biggest Cricut Mat available is 12in x 24in.

If you are just getting started with Cricut the 12in x 12in cutting mat is a good choice for Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker users. For Cricut Joy users, the 4.5in x 12in Mat is a good choice.

The Right Cricut Mat for Vinyl and Cardstock

Cardstock and VInyl are two of the most popular materials to work with on a Cricut. The standard grip mat works well for most vinyl and cardstock projects. If your vinyl or cardstock is embellished with glitter the strong grip is a better option.

How long do Cricut Cutting Mats last?

Cricut cutting Mats are reusable, but after a while, they do start to lose their stickiness.

According to Sarah Maker, Cricut Cutting Mats start to lose their stickiness after 40-50 uses. For the hobbyist who crafts for seasonal projects and gifts for family and friends, a mat will need to be replaced about every 3 to 4 for months. The busy crafter, who sells their work will need to replace a mat about once a month.

Where Can I buy Cricut Mats?

Some of the best deals on Cricut cutting Mats are direct from the Cricut website. Variety packs of Cricut Mats are also available on Amazon. I always check both before purchasing mats. Sometimes I need the mats quickly so I purchase from Amazon. Other times my Cricut Access subscription gets me a great discount, so I am willing to wait.

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Whar are the different types of Cricut Mats

Choosing the right mat for your project is important. Placing delicate material on a Mat with a strong adhesive will lead to tearing. If the adhesive is not strong enough the material can lift and shift while the machine is cutting. All of this can result in a ruined project.

The Standard Grip Mat

The Standard Grip Mat works for most Cardstock and Vinyl projects. The Standard Grip is the baseline for cutting Mats. If you have difficulty completing a project with a standard grip mat, then using one of the other Cricut Mats may be the answer.

The Light Grip Mat

The Light Grip Mat works for delicate materials like Vellum, paper, and lightweight cardstock. It is important to

The Fabric Mat

The Fabric Mat name is self explanatory. Fabric can be delicate, so requires a lightweight adhesive for easy removal. The actual cutting mat needs to be strong enough for the Cricut to make cuts. The Fabric mat combines both of these beautifully.

The Stong Grip Mat

The Strong Grip Mat is good for heavier cardstock like glitter cardstock, it works with chipwood, and balsawood.

Thick Material would Require Strong Grip Mat

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