Cricut Design Space: What is included for Free Explained with Pictures

A new Cricut Machine is an investment.  There is some confusion about whether you need a subscription to use your Cricut Machine, the short answer is no. To learn more about what is included for free with Cricut Design Space keep reading.

Once you decide to purchase a Cricut cutting machine, you will also need to purchase the material necessary to create your projects.  You may also decide to purchase additional accessories for your Cricut Cutting Machine such as additional cutting mats and pens. One thing you will not have to pay for is the ability to use Cricut Design Space, to create projects. Keep reading to learn more about what is included for free with the Cricut Design Space Application.

How Much Does Cricut Design Space Cost?

Cricut Design Space is Free to use and includes a selection of free fonts, free images, & projects. Cricut Access is an optional subscription service that offers a wider selection of fonts, images, & projects to use with Cricut Design Space. You will need to create a free Cricut account to use Cricut Design Space, this allows you to save your projects in one space.    You are able to upload your own free images & fonts to use with design space to create an unlimited number of projects.

Cricut Design Space Free Tools

All of the basic tools in Cricut Design Space are free to use without a subscription. Cricut Design Space allows you to put together shapes, images, and fonts to create projects. These projects can be produced using a combination of Cutting, Print & Cut, Scoring and Drawing if you have a Cricut Explore series machine.  Cricut Maker provides additional capabilities including engrave, wave, deboss, and perforate.

Basic shapes including triangles, squares, hexagon, octagons and more are included as part of Cricut Design Space.  The text tool allows you to insert fonts in to your projects. Tools such as slice, weld, attach, flatten & contour allow you to create variations of shapes, images and text to exploit the full potential of the free tools provided with Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Design Space Free Fonts

When I first attempted to use text in Cricut Design Space, it seemed all of the fonts required a Cricut Access subscription, or needed to be purchased.  By filtering to “my fonts” I was able to see the Cricut fonts that were provided for free.  There are more than 15 Cricut Fonts available to use for free in Cricut Design Space. Additionally, you are able to use fonts installed on your system with Cricut Design Space. The image Below shows the

Cricut Design Space Free Images

Cricut Design Space, comes with a selection of images and projects that are free to use without a Cricut. The images include quotes to, envelopes, flowers and much more that can be cut and used as projects. Additionally, Cricut Design Space allows you to upload ANY image to use as part of your project. Images can be uploaded as a cut file or a print then cut file.  Cricut Design Space allows you to upload .svg, .png,  .jpg, .DFX, and .BMP type files. If you are familiar with graphic design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, or GIMP. You can create designs in those programs and then upload them in to Cricut Design Space for use as part of your projects. Below are a few of the images that are currently included for free as part of a Cricut Design Space subscription.

Free Borders included in Cricut Design Space
Free 3D Objects included with Cricut Design Space
Free Phrases Included in Cricut Design Space

These are just a few of the items currently available without a Cricut Access subscription. There are many more that can be found by filtering to “My Images”in Cricut Design Space. If you do not have a Cricut Access subscription and you have not purchased any Cricut Items, this will only show your free images.

Cricut Access Subscription for Free

There are two ways to get a Cricut Access Subscription for Free, the first is a free trial and the second is through cost savings. When you first create a free Cricut account and setup a machine, you may be offered a free trial of Cricut Access. The free trial period typically lasts for one month.

The second way to get a Cricut Access Subscription essentially for Free is through cost savings.  A Cricut Access Subscription includes a discount of 10% off of purchases from Cricut’s website.   A Cricut Monthly Access Subscription is about $10 per month, so if you are making a $100 purchase, you will save $10 and the Cricut Access subscription is essentially free.  The retail price for the Cricut Explore Air 2 is about $250, with Cricut Access’s 10% discount you will save $25!  So if you pay $10 for a one month Cricut Access subscription, you save $25. If you are planning to make a large purchase from Cricut’s website, it is worth it to pay for a one-month Cricut Access Subscription.  Visit Cricut’s website to learn more about what is included in a Cricut Access Subscription by visiting their site Cricut Access Plans.

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