Is Everything Free with Cricut Access

You take the plunge and Subscribe to Cricut Access. You add an image to your design and Cricuts is asking you to “checkout” instead of allowing you to make your design.

A Cricut Access Subscription does not make Everything in Cricut Free. Licensed fonts and images from big names like Marvel and Disney are not included with Cricut Access. Even Fonts and Images included with Cricut Access are only free to use while you have a subscription. Once you cancel your subscription you have to purchase any fonts or images to be able to use them.

Is Everything Free with Cricut Access

Cricut Access Subscriptions…Nothing is Really Free

Subscriptions work in different ways. Think Magazine Subscription vs. Netflix Subscriptions.

With a Magazine Subscription, Magazines arrive at your door and they belong to you even after canceling your magazine subscription. You can read them, recycle them, create vision boards with them, put them on a shelf for 5 years, pass them on to a friend. No limits

Now Netflix….Netflix subscribers have access to thousands of movies and television shows while they are subscribed. Once you cancel your Netflix subscription, it’s over. You don’t own any of the content you watched, it is not available to you via Netflix anymore

Cricut access works like a Netflix Subscription. Access to thousands of free fonts and images during your subscription. Once your subscription ends, it is over.

You find the perfect Valentine’s Day project, the perfect images, the perfect fonts and you come up with a project you adore. Fast forward 365 days later to next Valentines’s day, you no longer have your Cricut Access Subscription, you now have to pay!

It was fun while it lasted, but chin up because Cricut Access Subscription also comes with discounts! Plan on making a large purchase or purchasing a lot of materials? The savings can sometimes cover the cost of the subscription!

These Images, Fonts and Projects are NOT free with Cricut Access

Remember, nothing is really free with Cricut Access, there are just thousands of options to use while you have the subscription. Even With a Cricut Access subscription, there are fonts and images not included in the subscription, that you have to pay to use.

Fonts that are included with Cricut Access have a green “a” next to them. In the image below you will notice that these fonts have a price and no “a” next to them. These fonts are NOT included with Cricut Design Space. The fonts in the picture are licensed Disney fonts, but there are a few others not included with Cricut Access.

Example of Fonts not included with Cricut Access

There are over 200k images in Cricut Design Space. About 4k are licensed images that are not free. There are a few other hidden images in there that don’t have the “a” and are not free. If I had to estimate around 90% of images and fonts are included with a Cricut Access subscription.

On the bright side, if you decide to purchase a font, not included with a Cricut Access Subscription, you are able to use it as long as it is available in Cricut Design Space. Whereas, fonts that are included in access are only free while you have a Cricut Access subscription.

I recently wrote a post about how to find free fonts and images in Cricut. Cricut Charging You for Your Own Design? Resolutions with Pictures

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