Cricut Machine Costs: Secrets to finding the Best Deals

The Cost of Cricut Cutting Machines

Cricut machines unleash the ability to create thousands of custom T-shirts, stickers, and projects from the comfort of your home. The capability to create

Cricut cutting machines cost as little as $169 for the petite Cricut Joy and as much as $399 for the feature-rich powerhouse Cricut Maker machine. Additional tools for Rotary, Perforation & Scoring cost an additional $9.99 – $44.99 each.

Cricut Explore 3 in Box

Does Cricut Ever go On Sale?

Cricut Cutting machines, Cricut Easy Presses, and Cricut brand Materials do go on sale.  These items often go on sale Circuit’s official website, discounts are available The Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, and Cricut Joy also go on sale on Amazon. Keep reading to learn more about how to find the best deals on Cricut Cutting Machines, Cricut Heat Press machines, & Cricut Brand Materials.  

Who has the best deal on Cricut?

Cricut’s Official website typically has AMAZING deals on Cricut Machines. If You purchase a subscription to Cricut Access you get an additional discount on top of already discounted items. It is a deal that really can’t be beaten. Cricut can be purchased directly from other online retailers such as Amazon, or from brick and mortar craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  The main benefit of purchasing from these sites are convenience they often ship faster or have pickup options

Cricut Official Website: ALWAYS get a discount on Purchases

Cricut often runs promotions on their cutting machines, easy press machines, and materials. If you are in the market for a Cricut Cutting Machine, it is a good idea to subscribe to their mailing list to learn about current promotions. Visit Cricut to sign up for e-mails.

If you plan to spend more than $100 on Cricut Cutting Machines, Easy Press machines, and Materials, you can ALWAYS pay less than full price by purchasing Cricut Cutting Machines, Cricut Easy Presses, and materials directly from Cricut’s Official website. A one-month Cricut Access Subscription costs approximately $10, and with the purchase of a Cricut Access Subscription, you save 10% on your purchase.   

Cricut Machine Full Price 10% Discount Discount Price
Cricut Maker 3$399$39$359
Cricut Maker $399 $39 $359
Cricut Joy $169$16$153
Cricut Explore Air 2 $249 $24 $224
Cricut Easy Press 2 12” X 10” $279 $27 $251
Cricut Easy Press 2  9” X 9” $209 $20 $188
Cricut Easy Press 2 6” x 7” $159 $15 $143
Cricut Easy Press Mini $69 $6 $62
Cricut Discount Prices with additional

Cricut runs sales all of the time, the great thing about a Cricut Access Subscription is that you can take an additional 10% off the sales price! If Cricut is running a sale the additional 10% on top of the sales price can be a huge savings.

The purchase of the Cricut Machine is just the beginning, if you are curious about the true cost of Cricut ownership make sure you take out this post: Hidden Cost of Getting Started with Cricut

A Cricut Access subscription is NOT required to use any of the Cricut Machines.

Learn more about the free software included with Cricut by visiting any of these post on Dream Plan Smile:

Cricut Design Space, What is Included dor Free

Amazon: Simple Checkout Easy to Determine the Best Deal

Since my shipping and payment information is saved to my Amazon account, it is convenient for me to shop on Amazon. There are no additional discounts or tricks that I am aware of, but I rarely see the machines listed at full price on amazon.

Cricut Machine Full Price Price on Amazon
Cricut Maker $399.99 Check Price on Amazon
Cricut Explore Air 2 $249.99 Check Price on Amazon
Cricut Easy Press 2 12” X 10” $279.99 Check Price on Amazon
Cricut Easy Press 2  9” X 9” $209.99 Check Price on Amazon
Cricut Easy Press 2 6” x 7” $159.99 Check Price on Amazon
Cricut Easy Press Mini $69.99 Check Price on Amazon
Cricut Prices on Amazon

Michaels: You can’t use the Coupons but they Price Match

When I shop at Michaels I normally go with at least one 40% off coupon, unfortunately, these coupons often exclude CRICUT brand merchandise including the cutting machine. If you’ve done your research and have found the best deal on Cricut at a different retailer, Michael’s will price Match many online and brick and mortar retailers.

At the time of writing this post, Amazon is included in the list of online retailers that Michaels. You can learn more about Michaels’s coupon and price match policy by visiting here.  

Additional Tips and Tricks to get Deals on Cricut Machines & Materials

Shop around Holidays, and another material hack

The best time to buy a Cricut is around the Christmas Holiday. Like many companies, Cricut pulls out some of it’s best deals around November/December. I stock up on supplies around Christmas because accessories and materials are as much as 40% off on Cricut’s website! If I’m doing a large haul I also invest in Cricut’s Access Monthly subscription for the additional discount and a month’s access to Cricuts design library.

Cricut also has deals around other holidays such as Mother’s Day, Independence Day& Labor Day. It is a good idea to check Cricut’s website before purchasing because they run promotions around big and small holidays.

Cricut currently has a premium yearly membership that gives 20% off materials as one of it’s benefits. Learn more about Cricut Subscriptions and benefits by visiting Cricut’s Website.

Consider Purchasing Bundles

If you are giving the gift of Cricut, giving a bundle can be a great cost-efficient way to make sure the recipient has everything they need to have some fun straight out of the box.

If you are a seasoned crafter purchasing the machine for yourself, the Cricut bundles may not be the best deal.

Check the Historical Pricing to get the best deal

If you want to purchase Cricut on amazon and are wondering how much you should spend, check out Camel Camel Camel. Camel Camel Camel is a great tool to see what pricing for Cricut Machines has been historically. If you find the price to be much higher than normal, you may want to wait until it comes to a more typical or even discounted price. Camel Camel Camel is a great website to check pricing before making large purchases on amazon.

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