Is a Cricut Machine a Printer?

One of the most exciting and confusing features of the Cricut cutting machines is Print then Cut. The name describes the feature perfectly, but for someone not familiar with Cricut Machines, the “print the cut” feature can be a little misleading.

The Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker Machines are not printers and they can not print. To use the Print the Cut feature you need to print from Cricut Design Space to a printer then use the Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker to Cut.

If your wondering if your home printer will work with a Cricut machine, keep reading to determine if your existing printer will meet your crafting needs.

Do I Need A Printer with Cricut

You do not need a Printer with the Cricut Joy Machine, the Cricut Joy Machine does not have the print then cut option. You can use all he functionality of a Cricut Joy without a printer.

For the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore things get a little complicated. You can use the Cricut to make Cut or Cut & Draw with the Cricut Machine without a printer. However, you will need a printer with Cricut if you plan to use the Print then Cut feature of Cricut with the Cricut Joy or Cricut Maker machines.

Cricut JoyNo Printer required. There is no Print then Cut Feature available
Cricut Explore AirPrinter Required for Print then Cut feature. Draw or Draw & Cut Features can be used without a printer
Cricut MakerPrinter Required for Print then Cut feature. Draw or Draw & Cut Features can be used without a printer
Summary of Using Cricut with a Printer

What Printers Can be Used with Cricut

Cricut Design Space will print using any printer connected to your tablet or computer. Cricut recommends using an Inkjet Printer for your projects. Make sure your tablet or computer is compatible with Cricut Design Space. As long as a printer is connected to your device you can use it with the “Print then Cut” feature in Design Space.

We recommend using an Inkjet Printer and 8.5″ x 11″ white materials for all your Print Then Cut projects with Cricut Explore

Cricut Website

I use the HP Office Jet Pro 8720. There is nothing special about this printer, I purchased this printer simply because it meant my general home office needs. While I purchased this printer after I purchased my Cricut, I did not give compatibility with Cricut a second thought, because I knew that if my laptop was compatible with Cricut Design Space and the printer was compatible with my laptop.

Cannon printer similar to the one below is also a favorite among cricut users. There are a few different model numbers under Cannon PIXMA, the one pictured is available in store. A similar model is available on amazon. The printer pictured below is inkjet, Check the current price and Cannon PIXMA models available on amazon.

Cannon Pixma is a choice printer for many Cricut users

Another favorite among crafters is the Epson-ET. The ET is short for Eco Tank. The ink on these printers can be refilled and this printer can be used for Sublimation projects.

Epson ET 3760 is used by some crafters for Sublimation Printing.

I have not ventured into Sublimation Printing yet, but the Epson has refillable ink tanks. Some crafters fill the Eco tank with sublimation ink to create sublimation shirts and other craft items with Cricut.

Can I use Cricut with a Laser Printer

Cricut is a cutting machine and it will cut material whether it is printed using an inkjet or laserjet printer. The issue is making sure your material is compatible with laser jet printers. When you use a laserjet printer with the wrong materials, it just sits on top of the paper and easily rubs off. To use a Laser Jet printer with Cricut you have to ensure that the material you are using is compatiablie

Laser printers use toner, but inkjets use ink. The way they deposit color on paper are slightly different. I’ve found if you try to use a laser printer to print on materials that are not compatible with laser printers the toner sits on top and rubs off easily. As long as the material is compatible with a Cricut Cutting Machine and the material is compatible with a laser printer, you can use a laser printer with Cricut.

Does Cricut Print Stickers?

You can use a pen to write on Stickers with Cricut. However, In order to print stickers, you will need a separate printer. You will need to use the Printer to print your design and then have Cricut cut them out.

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