10 Ways to Use Bath Bombs without a BathTub

10 Ways to Use Bath Bombs without a BathTub

Bath bombs seem like the perfect gift for anyone! Everyone can benefit from a long, warm, luxurious bath.  In some areas, bathtubs are becoming less common and being replaced with showers.  In urban areas, bathtubs are being replaced with walk-in showers to conserve space, so maybe you don’t have access to one. Maybe you are a college student and only have showers available in your dorm room. Whatever the case may be, you can still enjoy bath bombs even if you do not have a bathtub.

How to Use A Bath Bomb without a Bath Tub?

Bath Bombs can be placed in small breathable bags and hung from the showerhead if you do not have a bathtub. Bath Bombs can be used to create foot baths, as a decorative room freshener, and as a deodorizer. If you have a large bath bomb, you can cut it into two or four pieces and try several of these alternatives.  In this post, I will discuss the options for using bath bombs in the shower and alternatives that can be used to create luxurious shower experiences.

Take Bath Bombs into the Shower with You

One of the most straight forward ways to use a bath bomb is to take it into the shower with you. There are two simple ways you can use a bath bomb in the shower. You can cut a bath bomb in half and use it for two showers and try both methods to see which one you like the best.   

Place the Bath Bomb on the floor in the Shower

Simply place your bath bomb on the floor of the shower and allow it to dissolve while you shower. You will be able to hear the bath bomb fizz in the shower, enjoy the fragrance, and watch the beautiful colors as they swirl around the drain of the shower.  

If your bath bomb has a lot of embellishments such as glitter or confetti, consider placing your bath bomb in a breathable bag, like a mesh organza bag. This will keep the embellishments from going down the drain and potentially clogging it.

Use the Bath Bomb with the Shower Head

Place the bath bomb in a breathable bag, such as an organza favor bag or wrap it in a cheesecloth.  Tie the Bath bomb to the showerhead. Similar to dissolving it on the floor of the shower, you will be able to experience the aroma and the fizz of the bath bomb as the humid environment in the shower dissolves the bath bomb.

Pamper your Feet with a Bath Bomb

The next few ways to use bath bombs outside of the shower involve getting a little more creative with using the bath bomb.

Create a Luxurious Foot Bath with a Bath Bomb

You may not have a bathtub, but do you have a basin or bucket that you can use to soak your feet? This could be the perfect use for a bath bomb if you don’t have a bathtub.  Fill the basin with warm water and allow the bath bomb to dissolve in the basin. You will be able to enjoy many of the benefits

Make the most of the Fragrance in a Bath Bomb

Bath bombs engage 4 of the five senses to create a luxurious bath. Sight, touch, smell & sound (but please don’t eat them).  These next few ideas focus on using the bath bomb to excite the sense of smell.

Repurpose your Bath Bomb as a Deodorizer

One of the primary ingredients in most bath bombs is baking soda. Baking soda absorbs odor in a room. Bath Bombs have added fragrance. The combination of baking soda neutralizing odors and the fragrance that is released into a room make them a good option for a deodorizer. Use an organza bag, or a piece of cheesecloth and place them in drawers or in closets and let them work as deodorizers.

Crush your Bath Bomb and use as a Decorative Room Freshener

Bath Bombs embellished with beautiful colors, floral petals, confetti and glitter can add a decorative element to any room.  Crush your bath bomb and place it in a decorative container you can enjoy your bath bomb for a lot longer than you would if it simply dissolved in a bath.

Bath bombs are traditionally made from baking soda, clays, Epsom salts, and other powdered ingredients. Crushing them could release a lot of dust into the air. To contain the mess I recommend crushing your bath bomb while it is in a sandwich back or some other air tight back to avoid spreading a lot of dust into the air.

Create a Home-Made Air Freshener with Your Bath Bomb

If your bath bomb is large, you can cut it into 4 pieces, then dissolve one of the pieces of your bath bomb into a cup.  Transfer the dissolved bath bomb from the cup to the spray bottle. Once the bath bomb is in the spray bottle you can use it as an air freshener. You can spritz it in the air to freshen up a room.

Use Your Bath Bomb as Aroma Therapy

Many Bath Bombs are scented with essential oils. Dissolve your bath bomb in a glass of warm water and allow it to set the mood in the room. If you have a large bath bomb you can cut it into 4 or more pieces and use it for several aromatherapy sessions.

Take Your Bath Bomb on Vacation

So, you don’t have a bathtub in your own home, but will you be going on vacation soon?  If the hotel or vacation home you are traveling to has a bathtub pack your Bath Bomb. Bath Bombs don’t take up much room, just protect them from moisture and keep them from getting crushed.

It is a nice way to bring something from home to make a vacation a little more special. This could make a bath extra special.

Use your Bath Bomb as a Bonus Gift

So, you’ve explored all of the options for using a bath bomb without a bathtub and none of them pique your interest. Maybe you’ve tried a few of the ideas on this list, but still have a few more bath bombs on hand. Whether you received them as a gift or stocked up on them while they were on sale, you can pass them on to family and friends as an extra bonus gift.

 Add a bath bomb to a birthday gift, a baby shower gift, or a Christmas gift to make it extra special for your loved one. You can also give your bath bombs to someone who is a bath enthusiast as a “Just Thinking of You” type of gift.  

Bath Bomb Alternatives when you don’t have a Bath Tub

Cosmetics companies have started to take notice that not everyone has a bath tub, or simply prefer showers. Cosmetic companies have started developing

Shower Jellies, and Shower Bombs are alternatives to Bath Bombs.   A shower bomb expands once it gets wet and allows you to enjoy a luxurious foamy shower.  Shower Jellies are activated once they become wet and also allow you to enjoy a luxurious bath experience.

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