Wildfit: Weeks 1 & 2 McDonald’s and Alkagizers

It is Friday, February 10th and I am on my second week of wildfit. I have not lost any weight , I don’t look different, but I do feel different. I’ve been encouraged to eat EVERYTHING even things I never eat, but still want to (like McDonalds). I think the foundation for change has been laid so I am going to start documenting my journey.

Why I decided to Join Wildfit

I’ve been obese since I was five, I was 80lbs in Kindergarten. I’ve always known I needed to lose weight but never really knew HOW. No one in my immediate family was as heavy as I am. Why me?

Exploring my Relationship with Food

Exploring your relationship with food is apart of the Wildfit program. I need that! Some may dismiss mindset as woo woo….For me it is important. My caregivers pacified me with snacks at an early age. I’m 39 and still can’t figure out why that impacts me today and how I could possibly fix it.

No Exercise Required

I actually really enjoy a good work out. I have a 9 to 5 and more than one side hustle. I have a 5 year old and almost 3 year old. I’m BUSY. Finding the energy to work out is tough. I did try the 10x challenge on mindvalley and will dive into that again at some point. I’m relieved that WILDFIT doesn’t require it.

Weekly “Enhancements”

Most diets give you the rules straight up…no chaser. You go from not on the diet to on the diet. You remove all of the familiar foods and All at Once adopt a new healthy way of eating. This has NEVER worked for me in the long term. I dropped 15lbs AT most and they slowly crept back on. I liked that WildFit adds nutrition and mindset work in the first week, so nutrition starts to improve BEFORE you start cutting things out. And for now it appears the foods

WildFit why I’m Skeptical

Success Stories are not that Bad in the Beginning

I weigh over 300lbs and I have alot of work to do. The success stories from Wildfit bareley seem overweight, much less obese. I’m skeptical but willing to play full out.

A Diet in Disguise

I’ve been through ALL the diets. I was a child of the 90s…Fat was Evil! Sugar was king and transfats were prolific in food. I’ve tried low carb, calorie counting, diet pills and good old fashion exercises. NOTHING FREAKING WORKS. So this is not the next diet…or is it? I don’t know will play full out.

Wildfit Week 1 & Week 2Changes and Challenges so Far

I ate McDonalds!

I’ve lived less than a mile from McDonalds for over 6 years. I’ve only eaten there one time. when it was a pregnancy craving. I consider McDonald’s unhealthy that is the only reason I don’t eat it. Week 1 and Week 2 invite you to bring bag skeletons in your food closet…so I did just that. Anything that I desire to eat, but haven’t do to Quarter Pounder with cheese , Hot apple Pie, chicken nuggets and fries. yum yum yum.

A “not diet”, that encourages you to confront your food demons at the start of the diet. Odd…very odd this could be added to the skeptical column.

Wildfit Alkagizers

So in wildfit week 2, a Green Smoothie called the Alkagizer was added to the mix. We got a base recipe as part of the program. It doesn’t taste terrible. My 2 year old actually likes them! Water, A few pieces of fruit and the Alkagizers are how I’ve been starting my mornings this week (Week 2) and looking ahead to Week 3 fruit and Alkagizers are part of the program.

Groceries in the United States are extremely high! Making these daily is going to get expensive, but I know the cost of not doing this (medical conditions, doctors visits, & prescription drugs) will be EVEN more expensive. So I’ve been biting the bullet and Stocking Up on Groceries.

Wildfit content and coaching

I’m familiar with the mind valley platform, the videos and weekly guides are easy to access. However, the coaching portion is a lot to keep up with. I’m never quite sure when they are happening or who will be leading them. I get a million notifications from the Wildfit FB group about various, but still can’t navigate to a live coaching call.

This is not a big deal in Weeks 1 and Week 2. Since the enhancements are notorious additions to our existing routines. It seems from Week 3 on, we will begin moving items from our diet. Coaching calls will be helpful for navigating those weeks.

Bok Choy & Chard

Tools I’ve Been using for my Wildfit Journey so Far

No new purchases are required. There was a recommendation to invest in a vitamix since daily smoothies will be part of the routine. Passing on the expensive vitamix and continuing to use what I have for now and using what I already have. These are something that have been useful so far:

Smoothie Cup for Alkagizers

A few years ago, I was into protien shakes and picked up this smoothie cup. I like it because the thick walls keep the drinks cold. Also, when you remove the straw the lid closes. It woks well for storing extra smoothie in the fridge.


Ice Cube Trays

The smaller trays work for me because I can add a little boost to my 5 year old’s smoothie. He won’t touch an alkalizer, but I can sure sneak some greens into a fruit smoothie with these cute little balls.


Ninja Professional Blender

I received this as a wedding gift, the single serve cup is great at blending the greens. I blend the greens in the single serve cup freeze them, or add them to the larger pitcher to create the fruit smoothie

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