Teething Food: Baby Approved Foods to Soothe Sensitive Gums

Teething Baby

My second son hit two milestones at the same time starting solids and teething. I began looking for a way to soothe his sore gums and allow him to explore new foods.

Good choices for teething foods include cucumbers and melons. Carrots and Celery are also great options for teething food. They can be served cold and sliced so that baby can massage his gums. Silicone baby feeders can be used to serve chilled foods and soothe teething gums.

The only foods I’ve come across that are marketed toward teething babies are teething biscuits. Before I gave in and bought teething biscuits I wanted to try a few different foods.

Fresh Foods for Teething Babies

Melon is a Good Choice for Teething Babies

I’m not  a big fan of teething biscuits. Most have very little nutritional value. Some of the foods that are great for teething are not found in your typical baby foods.

I stumbled upon watermelon as a teething food by accident. I was enjoying a bowl of watermelon cubes with my toddler when my 5 month old started showing lots of interest.

At the time he hadn’t officially started solids, but figured a little watermelon couldn’t hurt. My baby loved it! He grabbed it in his little chubby hands and began rubbing it on his gums.

At that point I had an “a ha” moment. Alot of the foods not found in commercially produced baby food make great teething foods. I mean have you ever seen watermelon, cantelope, or honeydew purees on the grocery store shelf?

The high water content makes these items hard to preserve, but also make them perfect teething foods.  Some other foods I plan on trying for teething foods are celery sticks and carrot sticks. I have already tried cucumber sticks with the little guy and they were a big hit.

Sliced cucumbers and melons make great teething food. They can be served cold and sliced so that babies can hold them

Use this to make any Food a Teething  Food

Silicone Feeder Makes any Food a Teething Food

We were gifted a mesh feeder, but this didn’t work out well for us. The mesh was rough on baby’s gums and caused irritation. I still liked the idea of the feeder and that’s when I discovered  silicone baby feeders.

Silicone is the same material used foR many teething rings.  Silicone feeders have tiny holes that allowed pureed foods through. You can put any puree in these feeders and it becomes a teething food.

Our 1st adventure with the silicone feeder was pureed sweet potatoes.  The sweet potatoes were a hit and so was the silicone feeder itself .

My little one was 5 months old when he started using the feeder. He couldn’t use the handle to get it to his mouth. As he gets older and his motor skills improve, I expect that he will be able to use the feeder to feed himself

You can put any puree in this feeder as long as it is not too watery. I plan to use this feeder often to serve warm and frozen purees.

Here are some teething foods I plan to try frozen or chilled in the feeder:

  • Frozen Mango
  • Frozen Strawberry
  • Frozen Pineapple
  • Grapes
  • Blueberry and Banana puree
  • Cucumber Avocado Puree
  • Apple Carrot Puree

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