Snoo Sleep Sacks My Favorite part of the Snoo

I had high hopes for the Snoo bassinet, my first kid would have loved it. My Second son, who I purchased the for, Not so much. My 2nd son generally does not like to be soothed. For example, he loves his binky, but only when he wants it. If we are in the car and he wants out of the carseat, he launches the binky to the third row of our SUV so that I can’t reach it and put it back in his mouth. He doesn’t want to be soothe…He’s that kind of baby.

So the soothing of the Snoo didn’t “work” on him. My baby boy spent more time in the bassinet turned off than he did turned on. The Snoo did provide peace of mind even while turned off, in large part because of the Snoo Sleep Sacks/Swaddles

baby sleeping in snoo bassinet

Is the Snoo Swaddle Necessary?

You need to use a Snoo Swaddle (aka Sleep Sack) with the Snoo bassinet. The Snoo Swaddle must be clipped in place in order for the Snoo to sway and make soothing sounds. Also, when the Snoo Swaddle is secured it helps to keep the baby on his back and prevents him from rolling over. If your little one does not enjoy being swaddled, there are snaps on the side of the Snoo swaddle so your baby can sleep with their arms out.

Using Snoo When your Baby doesn’t want to be Swaddled

My son wasn’t big on Swaddling, so after the first month I started using the Snoo Swaddle with the arms out. The Snoo Swaddle can be used with arms out put undoing the snaps on the side.

Baby in Snoo with Arms Out

He slept comfortably in his Snoo bassinet even powered off, with his arms out. Having him snapped into the Snoo Bassinet gave me some peace of mind, while I took a quick shower or attended to my toddler. Knowing that he couldn’t roll over while secured allowed me to use the Snoo for a little longer than I would a traditional bassinet.

Can You use the Snoo Swaddle with out the Snoo Bassinet

You can put your baby in the Snoo swaddle a few minutes before using the Snoo without a problem. However, I wouldn’t use it much beyond that.

I wouldn’t use the Snoo Swaddles that came with the Snoo in a traditional bassinet. The Swaddles made for the Snoo bassinet have excess fabric with clips on the end and can get caught in the sides of other bassinets. Snoo does sell swaddles called Sleepea that can be used without a Snoo bassinet.

What to Wear Clothes with the Snoo Sack/Swaddle

The Snoo Swaddle is officially called the Snoo Sleep Sack. I dressed my baby in a onesie when placing him in the Snoo sack. I tried to use the Snoo Sleep Sack with those all in One Sleepers but my baby got warm in them. The snoo sleep sacks are very breathable (Notice the mesh by the baby’s shoulders and knees in the images above).

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