Save Time & Money by Following these 5 Tips to Organize Snacks in your Pantry

Save Time & Money by Following these 5 Tips to Organize Snacks in your Pantry 

Keeping snacks organized in the pantry saves both time and money.  If snacks are not organized in the pantry, they get hidden behind larger and more frequently used items in the pantry.  I found myself purchasing snacks, even though we had plenty because I could not easily find them in the pantry. This led to snacks being thrown in the trash, because when I did uncover them, they would no longer be past their expiration.

How to Organize Snacks in a Pantry

To organize snacks in a pantry, use airtight containers to store bulk snacks. Using airtight containers to store bulk snacks keeps them fresh longer.  Remove individually wrapped snacks from boxes and keep them together in pantry storage containers.   Taking individually wrapped sancks out of the box, helps to free up space in your pantry.

Create a Dedicated Space for Snacks in Your Pantry

Knowing exactly where to find items in your pantry keeps you from having to spend a lot of time moving larger and more frequently used items out of the way in search of your snacks.  Keeping all of your snacks together makes it easier to see when it is time to replenish your supply of snacks.

Remove Individually Wrapped Snacks from Boxes to Make More Space in Your Pantry

Half empty boxes of individually wrapped snacks take up a lot of space in the pantry! You can’t tell how much of an individually wrapped snack is left, without opening the box.  Open the box, take the individually wrapped servings out and put them all in to one or more pantry containers.

Store Bulk Snacks in Airtight Containers to Keep Your Snacks Fresh Longer  

My husband enjoys cashews & pumpkin seeds as snacks.  Most of the time they come in bulk packaging.  For the bulk type snacks there are two options that I normally choose. The first is to divide them in to smaller containers for individual servings.  I normally use this option for chips and my son’s snacks that come in bulk packaging.

The second option is to store the entire bulk package inside of an airtight container. I use this option or my husband’s snacks. Storing them in an airtight container keeps them together and keeps them fresh. My husband is able to choose as big or as small of a portion as he desires. 

Use Small Containers or Storage Bags to Organize Kids Snacks

I have a two-year old son, and another little one on the way.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food for my family and cleaning up. With another little one on the way, I wanted to find ways to make it easier for my son to grab a snack when he is hungry, but not too easy, because then everything is a mess.

Pea Crisps are one of my son’s favorite snacks. They come in a giant bag, and if he wanted some pea crisps I would need to stop what I am doing to get him a snack. Instead I store them in these individual size containers, and keep them on a pantry shelf within his reach. If he wants some, he can bring them to me, and I simply need to open the container and let him enjoy. This allows me to enjoy the savings of buying in bulk, while enjoying the convenience of single serving size.

It is also easier to organize snacks in smaller containers than it is to cram a half-eaten bag of pea crisps in to the pantry. It is a winning idea all around.

Storage containers with a capacity of between 0.5 cups and 2 cups work great for storing individual portions of snacks.

Some of the ones I enjoy can be found on amazon at a great price, Follow the links below to check the current price on amazon:

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