Little Spoon Toddler Plates: Read This Before You Try

Little Spoon Toddler Plates

In Quarantine my infant son started solids, my picky 3 year old REFUSED to eat anything I ate. I was working full time, taking care of two kids, and prepping 9 MEALS per day some days. I was in DESPERATE need of a break from some of the meal prep. I decided to give Little Spoon a try as it came highly recommended by one of my mom friends.

Organic Baby Food or Toddler Plates?

Prepping up to 9 meals per day was becoming exhausting and I figured it was more cost effective to outsource meals for one of the kids. The biggest appeal of Little Spoon was the ability to provide a healthy variety of food.

My baby is a pretty good eater and to be honest he was content with eating the mashed-up version of whatever I was eating. The toddler was more difficult. Preparing kid-friendly, hidden veggies-type meals to have him declare those carefully prepared meals as YUCKY was exhausting. I knew there was a risk that he wouldn’t like the toddler plates, but at least I could free myself from .

I took the plunge and ordered 18 Little Spoon Toddler Plates and with my friend’s referral code. The total was $85 or about $4.75 per meal…not too bad. The meals are good up to 2 weeks in the fridge, my plan was to use them for lunch or dinner each day of the week.

Little Spoon Toddler Plates first Thoughts

The packaging for little spoons is ADORABLE. They look like a plate of fun, but once I removed the sleeve they looked like school lunch or TV dinners. To be fair most prepackaged prepared food presents like a school lunch or a TV Dinner.

I was excited to try a little spoon. It was an opportunity to let my 3 years old explore new foods without burning myself out in the kitchen.

Little Spoon Toddler Plates

The picture above is some kind of veggie patty with tots. Judging by the color, probably some kind of beetroot patty with sweet potato pots. My kid only ate the sweet potato tots,(which he eats anyway). took one bite of the beetroot patty and did not want any more. He pretended the peas did not exist. Little Spoon Strike One!

The Strikes just kept coming, it eventually got to the point where he would throw a tantrum before I even gave him the food. When he saw one of the plates he knew it was going to be something unfamiliar was coming. Complete meltdown! The meals are decent, my husband and I would go behind him and finish what he didn’t eat.

Would I order Little Spoon Again?

Despite the epic fail with my 3yr old, I’m considering ordering it toddler plates for my now one-year-old. My one-year-old is not a picky eater(yet) and would be more open to trying the toddler plates. I think my 3-year-old was too old and set in his ways to try Little Spoon because it was too far outside of his comfort zone.

Bottom Line Little Spoon Toddler Plates

Little Spoon Toddler Plates are a great way to give yourself a break from meal prep. They are healthy, and free of preservatives. It is probably best suited for younger toddlers, and older toddlers who are not picky eaters. It may be outside of the comfort zone of older toddlers.

Mimi D.

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