How Long Does a Cricut Last?

I’ve had my Cricut Explore Air (the first Generation) for over 5 years now, with no mechanical issues ever! When the Cricut Explore Air 3 and Cricut Maker 3 were released. I wondered in general how long Cricut Machines lasted, I did not want to trade my functional 5 years and counting machine, for one that would not last as long.

Generally, Cricut machines have a one-year warranty. At least 85% of Cricut Machine users surveyed go two years or more without running into a mechanical issue with the Cricut cutting machine. Most issues with the Cricut involve software, dulling blades, or material settings. Simple troubleshooting can resolve these issues.

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Cricut Warranty: Don’t Make a Mistake

Most Cricut Machines come with a limited one-year warranty in most locations. It is illegal in the US for a manufacturer to require you to exclusively use their accessories or else void the warranty. Using a third-party accessory does not automatically void your warranty.

However, there are some Cricut “hacks” that may void your warranty. Misuse and physical alterations can void your warranty. Some popular ones that may

-Tampering with the accessory port to fit third party accessories

-Using Spray adhesive on a Mat, then using the Mat with Cricut

-Using third-party software to cut with Cricut (Third Party software to design SVGs is perfectly OK.

Outside of the warranty period, these Cricut Hacks that people like to use are probably harmless. Within the warranty period, you may want to avoid these things.

Cricut Maintenance

The Cricut cutting machines is very reliable, however there are a few minor maintenance items that most users will encounter in the first two years of Cricut ownership.

Software/Firmware Updates

On average you will need to update Cricut firmware or software 2-4 times per year. To cut with Cricut, you will need to use the Free Cricut App, Cricut Design Space. When you open Design Space, you may need to update the software on your computer, or app on a tablet or mobile device . Updating Cricut Software

Occasionally you may need to update Cricut Firmware by connecting your Cricut Machine to your computer. The Design Space software guides you through the process and it is very easy.


The casual crafter will need to replace a Cricut fine point blade every 3-6 months . You will know it is time to change your blades when Cricut stops cutting through the material.

Cricut Fine Point Blade


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