Generating 100k Yearly Income: Active, Passive, Traditional & Non-Traditional approaches

How to Make 100k per year

A six-figure salary represents stability to many people. It is often enough to make sure basic needs are met and bills are paid every month.

How to Make 100k at a Traditional Job

A traditional job is one where you are employed by a company, they pay you an hourly wage, a salary, or a commission based upon your performance.

How to Make 100k at an Hourly Job

In order to earn $100,000 a year working a traditional 40-hour work week, you would need to make a little over $48.00 per hour.  If you are willing to put in extra hours, you could make $100,000 per year working

Hours worked per Week Hourly Wage to make 100k per year
20 $96.15
30 $64.10
40 $48.08
50 $38.46
60 $32.05
70 $27.47
80 $24.04

How to make 100k at a Salaried  with a Bonus

Some jobs pay a yearly salary, and add a bonus based on achieving performance goals. If you are in a position to negotiate a bonus based on performance, below is a table that demonstrates what percentage bonus would be required to make a $100,000  per year income.

Salary Bonus required to reach 100k
$60,000 67%
$65,000 54%
$70,000 43%
$75,000 33%
$80,000 25%
$90,000 11%
$95,000 5%

How to make 100k at a Commission based Job

Some professions such as realtors, insurance sales agents, and other sales-based jobs are paid based on the amount of sales they make. Commissions vary depending on the Industry. Below is a table that demonstrates how many grows sales are required to make 100k per year for a purely commission-based job.   

Commission % Gross sales to make 100k per year
2.5 $4,000,000.00
5 $2,000,000.00
10 $1,000,000.00
15 $666,666.67
25 $400,000.00
35 $285,714.29
50 $200,000.00

How to Make 100k Per Year Online

The power of the internet allows you to connect with millions (if not billions) of people around the world. You may have a unique skill, talent or knowledge that is of value to someone who lives far away from you. You reach enough of those people who value your skill set and information that you can provide. You can start

How to make 100k as an Online Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate an income online. In exchange for selling a product, a company pays you a commission. These commissions can be as small as 1% of the sales price or as much as 75% of the sales price.

There are many factors that impact yearly affiliate marketing income, one of them is the price of the product you sell. For a $10 product with a 3% affiliate commission you would need to sell over 300,000 products per year to make 100k in yearly income. For a $10,000 product with the same 3% commission you could sell as few as 300 products per year to make a $100,000 yearly income.  The table below demonstrates how different product prices impact affiliate commission rates.

Product Price Affiliate Commission Number of Sales Per year to reach 100k yearly income Number of Sales Per Month to reach 100k yearly income Number of Sales Per Day to reach 100k yearly income
$10 3% 333,333 27,778 913
$25 3% 133,333 11,111 365
$50 3% 66,667 5,556 183
$100 3% 33,333 2,778 91
$250.0 3% 13,333 1,111 37
$500.0 3% 6,667 556 18
$1,000.0 3% 3,333 277.8 9.1
$2,500.0 3% 1,333 111.1 3.7
$5,000.0 3% 667 55.6 1.8
$10,000.0 3% 333 27.8 0.9
$25,000.0 3% 133 11.1 0.4

How to Make 100k per year as a YouTube Content Creator

If you have an internet connection and a camera, you can begin building a You Tube audience and start getting paid for it. One of the most popular ways to get monetized on YouTube is through ad revenue. The conventional logic is that the more views you have, the more ads are displayed, the more YouTube is willing to pay you for displaying those ads on your channel.

In order to make money on YouTube via ads, you need at least 1000k subscribers and a minimum channel watch time of 4000 hours.

The YouTube algorithm is complex, and the amount you get paid per view varies depending on the topic of your YouTube channel.  Some youtubers make as little as $0.01 per view, other YouTubers make as much as $0.10 per view. It really depends how valuable your audience is to advertisers.  If you uploaded 52 videos per year, you would need to have an average of almost 200,000 view per video in order to make $100k yearly salary. However, if you uploaded 3 videos per week, you would need an average of 64,935 view per video to make a $100k yearly salary.

Revenue Per View Yearly Views to Reach 100k per Year income Average views per video to make 100k yearly income if you upload 52 videos per year Average views per video to make 100k yearly income if you upload 104 videos per year Average views per video to make 100k yearly income if you upload 156 videos per year
$0.01 10,000,000 192308 96154 64935
$0.02 5,000,000 96154 48077 32468
$0.03 3,333,333 64103 32051 21645
$0.05 2,000,000 38462 19231 12987
$0.10 1,000,000 19231 9615 6494

How to make 100k per year owning an E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce involves selling products online.  You can purchase your own domain, and build out a website on a platform such as Shopify.  You can purchase products at wholesale prices and sell them for a profit on E-Commerce marketplaces such as Amazon or E-bay.  Profit Margins tend to be higher with websites that you own. However, marketplaces such as Amazon or E-Bay give you access to a larger audience. The table below shows the amount of gross sales necessary to reach 100k per year income based on various profit margins.

Profit % Yearly Sales Monthly Sales Daily Sales
5 $2,000,000.00 $166,666.67 $5,479.45
10 $1,000,000.00 $83,333.33 $2,739.73
25 $400,000.00 $33,333.33 $1,095.89
50 $200,000.00 $16,666.67 $547.95
75 $133,333.33 $11,111.11 $365.30
80 $125,000.00 $10,416.67 $342.47
85 $117,647.06 $9,803.92 $322.32

How to make 100k per year as a Blogger

I used to believe that blogs were just an online journal that people used to clear their head. I’ve since learned that blogs can also be built around a hobby or other topic of interest. Other people with the same interest can find your blog via google. On that website, you can put links to affiliate products as discussed in a previous section, or you can offer an online course, E-book, or information product as described below. The more people you drive to your blog, the more potential you have to make a sale.

Fiver, Hub Zoo etc.

Online Course, Information Product, eBook

 People on the internet are interested in learning new things that can from how to use software, to fitness, to how to be more productive.  If you can offer a course, info product, or e-book for sale that is helpful, people will be willing to purchase it.

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