DIY  Black Soap Shampoo vs Black Soap Shampoo by Melanin Shampoo

Melanin Hair Care released a black soap shampoo that sold out quickly. So quickly that I wan unable to purchase one. If you missed the sale like I did or can’t get your hand on Melanin Hair Care’s Black Shampoo, keep reading to learn how to make your own at home.

Naptural85 has a beautiful head of hair, and on her YouTube channel, she shares many of her homemade hair care recipes including the one for Black Soap shampoo.

According to Healthline,  African Black Soap has the following benefits for hair:

  • antimicrobial
  • antifungual
  • relieves itchiness and irritation
  • Rich in Vitamins A&E which makes it anti- inflammatory

We’ll discuss the pros and the cons of purchasing the African black soap shampoo from Melanin Hair Care. i will also discuss the pros and cons of making African black soap shampoo at home. Keep Reading to decide what is the best option for you.

African Black Soap Reviving Hair Shampoo by Melanin Haircare

If you’ve ever watched a naptural85 video and thought to yourself ….I would love to use these products but I’m not the DIY type…then purchasing the African Black Soap shampoo from melanin hair care is probably the right choice.

All of the work is already done. You could simply grab it on wash day like any other shampoo, no preparation required. I consider any shampoo over $10 to be pricey. However, the shampoo comes in a 16-oz size whereas most shampoos are only about 8 – 12oz. Melanin have also

As a naturalista, the founder of Melanin Hair Care knows that we need more than a dime size amount of product for it to be effective on our hair. All of the products available from Melanin Hair Care are larger than the standard size.

If you order the shampoo from the Melanin Hair Care website and don’t purchase any other products for Melanin Hair Care, you will have to pay the shipping. The full price for the shampoo is $19 and an additional $10 for domestic shipping. This shampoo will cost you almost $30 to get it to your front door.

Commercial products have to meet consumer safety standards. As a result, the shampoo has additional ingredients that are not in the DIY recipe. These are probably to make the shampoo shelf stable.

According to many YouYube reviews this shampoo is meant to be a clarifying treatment. It will leave your hair feeling squeaky clean.

Bottom Line: The African Black Soap Shampoo by Melanin Hair Care is convienent. If you don’t have the ingredients to make

How to Make DIY African Black Soap Shampoo

The steps to make DIY African Black Soap Shampoo are simple:

  1. Shave the African Black Soap in to a heat safe container (such as a mason jar).
  2. Use Warm-Hot Water to melt the Black Soap
  3. Add oils for a moisturizing and nutrient boost

Naptural 85’s DIY Black Soap Shampoo Recipe:

African Black Soap1oz
Warm Water Enough to cover Soap Shavings by 1/2 inch
Vegetable Glycerin1tsp
Argan Oil0.5 tsp
Vitamin E Oil 1tsp
Neem Oil1 tsp
Rosemary Oil10 drops
Peppermint Oil10 drops
Tea Tree Oil 10 drops
Lavender Oil10 drops

Since these DIY contains water it can’t be stored on the shelf for long periods of time. Also if you don’t typically make DIY hair, bath or body products you may not have these oils on hand, and purchasing them is pricey just to try one diy.

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