Mommy’s Little Helper: Your Little One can Help Out with Chores

Mommy’s Little Helper, your little one can help out with Chores

My house is always a mess! I am currently juggling working from home, caring for an infant, and keeping my toddler/pre-schooler entertained. I need help with chores, and my 3-year old is willing and able to lend a hand.

3-year-olds are natural-born helpers. Toddlers and preschoolers can help with a lot of chores around the house. Helping with chores as a preschooler this great practice for good cleaning habits as they get older.

Chores for preschoolers

Three-Year-Olds are not able to do chores independently, but they enjoy lending a hand to an adult. A three-year-old can help with laundry, vacuuming, picking up toys, wiping down surfaces, clearing the table, and much more. They probably won’t help with everything all the time, but if they show interest let them lend a hand.

Toddlers and preschoolers will need supervision to assist with chores. Having a little helper can make chores move more quickly. An added bonus is being able to keep an eye on your little one while they help you out with chores. No need to stop cleaning to check on them and ensure they are not getting into trouble.

A 3-year-old can help with laundry

A Toddler Can help Load the Laundry and Empty the Dryer

My son actually used to come and find me a laundry room and offer to help. He cannot yet fold clothes, but he’s able to put clothes into the washer and take them out of the dryer and put the into a laundry basket.

As he matures, I hope to teach my son how to fold and put away his own Laundry. My hope is by showing him early on how to help with chores he becomes accustomed to helping to keep the house neat.

A 3-year-old can help empty the dishwasher

A 3-year-old can help empty the dishwasher. Emptying the dishwasher was something my son started to help with before he was 2 years old. He would come over to the dishwasher and excitedly hand me the forks and spoons so that I can put them away. As he became a little older and a little more coordinated he also started to help by passing me plates bowls and other items from the dishwasher.

This is a big help to me because I have a new baby at home. And it is hard to bend over while holding the baby. Before the baby came it was hard bending over to empty the dishwasher with a pregnant belly. I was happy to have my toddler help empty the dishwasher.

Another chore that I hope my son can help with as he gets older. Once my son is able to reach the cabinets independently, this is a chore he will be able to tackle on his own.

A 3-year-old can help wipe down surfaces

When my son spills something on the table as he is eating, he askd for a paper towel. With a smile on his face he says I made a mess and eagerly uses the paper towel to clean it up.

When my son sees me cleaning up around the house he often wants to be my helper. I try to use non-toxic cleaning products so that he can help. I give him a rag or a paper towel so that he can help out.

A 3-year-old can help with dusting

One day I pulled out a duster and my toddler was fascinated by it. He happily began dusting the baseboards and wanted to help dust other items around the house.

A 3-year-old can pick up their own toys

One day I was picking up my son’s race tracks and putting them away. He ran them to me and said Mommy I want to help. So I let him and he happily ran back to the toy bin and put his race tracks away.

He’s not always so eager to help put his toys away. But I encourage him to help and teach him that it is his responsibility to take care of his toys.

A 3-year-old can put their clothes in the hamper

After getting my son ready for bed, I ask him to throw his clothes in the hamper. Again this is something he finds fun to do most of the time.

Putting his clothes in the hamper helps to keep his room tidy. I hope by instilling this habit while he is so young, he will do a good job of maintaining his room in the future.

A 3-year-old can help with sweeping or vacuuming

My son likes to play with both the broom and the vacuum. So I let him help me clean the floors. If I’m sweeping he can hold the dustpan while I sweep. If I am vacuuming he likes to come over and try to push the vacuum around. I try to clear a path for him so that the vacuum doesn’t get damaged.


Toddlers and preschoolers need supervision but they can help with chores. Just to be clear, they won’t be willing to help all the time, but these are a few suggestions to get toddlers or preschoolers involved in chores. At this stage, it is about teaching good habits. As they grow to elementary school students and beyond they can do chores independently. Teaching a 3-year-old how to help take care of the home is a life skill.

Mimi D.

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