Baby Food Makers: Are they Really Necessary

Immersion Blender Baby Food Puree

I registered for the baby bullet and was excited to receive it as a gift. I tried to use it to puree peas for my son and was less than impressed. You can only use small amounts of liquid in the baby bullet. I needed more water to create a puree that was stage 1 consistency.

No, baby food makers are not necessary to make baby food. Appliances you already own such as blenders, food processors, and immersion blender s can be used to make baby food.

I ultimately ended up using the food processor I already owned to make baby food. The baby bullet was a smaller less powerful version of an appliance I already own. However there are baby food makers out there that do more than just blend food. Keep reading to see if these baby food makers make sense for you.

Full Service Baby Food Makers : Helpful

So the baby bullet is simply a watered down food processor. However there are full service baby food makers these machines steam and puree the food for you, while you don’t NEED them they do simplify the process.

I was fortunate and my sister was done with her baby breza once our second was ready for solids. It is very convenient to have a machine that steams and purees in one step.

This simplifies the process of making baby food from food my family already eats. I’m hoping to introduce my son to foods not typically found in commercially prepared baby food. Items like sweet onions, bell peppers, cucumbers,and melons.

I’m more likely to do this since I have a machine capable of testing out small batches quickly and with an easy clean up.

I only pureed foods for my first son until he was about one year old. So I would have only used this machine for about 6 months. Since these machines are $100 or more I think it is only worth it if you plan to use it for several kids or plan to make homemade pouches as snacks for your toddler.

Baby Bullet: The Hype

Here’s the thing, my favorite thing about the baby bullet is the storage containers. The machine itself was not very powerful and leaked when I tried to get foods to a stage 1 consistency.

If you don’t own a food processor, or immersion blender the baby bullet may make sense.

If you already own a food processor or plan to get a food processor skip the baby bullet. You can buy the storage containers separately, or use different baby food storage containers.

Baby Food Makers: Bottom Line

Full service baby food makers that steam and process can greatly simplify making homemade baby food, but they are not completely necessary. These full service baby food makers, reduce the amount of dishes and can be a time saver.

Baby Food Makers that simply puree baby food are not necessary if you own a food processor, immersion blender, or standard blender. Babies eat purees for a relatively brief amount of time and appliances you already own can be used if you decide to make homemade baby food.

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