Baby Food: 30 Homemade Combinations to Try

Those baby food pouches are extremely convenient. I felt like super mom introducing my baby to nutrious sofoods such as beets, millet.  I thought for sure my son would not be a picky eater because he tried a variety of foods as an infant.

Fast Forward to present day, my three year old is a picky eater. The healthy foods he eats are the ones my husband and I eat regularly. So for our new baby I’m focusing on homemade baby foods using ingredients we already have at home and eat regularly.

I’m hoping this new little one will be more open to trying new things on mom and dad’s plate ….because his early foods will be the things we eat.

We always have sweet potatoes on hand. I slice them up sprinkle them with a little bit of cinnamon and EVERYBODY eats, including my picky 3 year old.

Sweet Potato made perfect since for the base of homemade baby foods. Here are a few combinations using sweet potato.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato & Squash

Sweet Potato & Carrots

Sweet Potato & Apple

Sweet Potato, Apple & Squash

Bananas are another staple in our house and Enjoyed by everyone. Do be careful because bananas are binding and can lead to constipation if eaten too often by the little ones. They love bananas but I try to limit bananas to once or twice a week. For baby food combination, I try to include high fiber ingredients.


Banana & Avocado

Banana , Mango & Spinach

Banana, Avocado & Spinach

Banana & Oatmeal


Pear & Spinach

Pear & Pea

Pear and Green Beans

Pear, Banana and Spinach


Blueberry & Apple

Blueberry & Yogurt

Blueberry & Sweet Potato

Blueberry & Banana

Refreshing Summer Combinations. Melons, cucumber and grapes are great choices for baby food. Unfortunately they aren’t found in many commercially prepared baby foods because they are hard to make shelf stable.

Watermelon & Cucumber

Cucumber & Cantelope

Honeydew, cucumber& cantelope

Cucumber and grape

Cucumber, grape & spinach

Breakfast Blends. Everyone in my house eats yogurt and oatmeal. Here are some blends that use oatmeal or yogurt as the base.

Yogurt and strawberries

Yogurt and Blueberries

Oatmeal and banana

Oatmeal and nut butter (almond or peanut butter

Oatmeal with cinnamon

Mimi D.

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